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Where to Find Programmers for a Startup?

You have just launched your digital business and you think that you are a good developer and want to be the next Mark Zuckerberg! But unlike the latter, you are not a computer genius. So you need help from a computer specialist or a programmer guru to launch your projects and simply do not know where to find programmers.

After posting several ads, you are still unable to find any and you don’t identify the reason why. If this exactly your case, let us enlighten you…
Many startups are embarking on a frantic search for developers, without really knowing what this professional is supposed to do.

Basically, a developer has the function of designing sites or applications and writing the lines of code that will form the various parts of these platforms. You may not be able to find a developer because, not knowing this trade, you have a hard time understanding the candidates who are running and convincing them to work with you. Try to find out more about the profile you are looking for, so you will know how to make your startup attractive to them.

How You Can Attract A Web-Developer For Your Startup?

The programmer is attracted towards working over a project which creates challenges and fascinates them. It is for this reason that many prefer to work freelance so that they have more freedom and choice in the selection of projects.

To make a computer specialist be a part of your team, it is important that the project must be presented correctly. It must be innovative and attractive while demonstrating that you master your needs.

You really don’t know anything about it? Say it frankly! A developer can also demonstrate pedagogy and support you in the software implementation of your needs.

In addition, be a good marketer and promote your business as “THE” startup you need to join. Without overdoing it, introduce your industry and your team. Freelancers will be happy to join a team more than a company.

Solutions to Find a Programmer Easily

If you want to know where to find programmers, you must not only search, you must above all search in the right place. Easily find your web development specialist by posting an ad on Coder, for example. You can also search among the profiles available on the site and contact freelancers with the profile you are looking for. To be attractive, your ad must be detailed. A specific project proves that you know exactly what you want, which will reassure potential candidates.

Also specify the budget that you are ready to allocate to the mission, without forgetting that a good developer must be earned. Also, remember to attach specifications to your offer.

Remote Developers for Startups

According to a research undertaken by the World Bank in 2016 professionals that are highly skilled are less tied with a specific location. This notion is particularly true for tech workers who prefer to telecommute and stay mobile. The result of this is that there is a vast amount of talented computer techies available who can help you in your startup.

Associated with multiple benefits, companies are in search of programmers (ie. https://idego-group.com/custom-web-design-development-services) who are working remotely and are not limited to local pool of talent. The best thing is that these remote computer gurus prefer startups and small businesses since they are typically more active in nature. With the increasing popularity within these trends, several online sources are considered to be the best way to hire programmers for startups. These sources include:

flexjobs.com is the most popular source for hiring remote programmers. The platform is useful for those computer system programmers who are in search of flexible and telecommuting job. The platform has currently listed more than 33,000 job opportunities within 50 categories from over 4,000 companies. Employees have subscription options which start from $14.95 per month (or $49.95 per year).

This job search research is another platform where to find programmers as it has a crowd sourced database from the best cities. The web source includes a dedicated tab where a list of remote system programmers is available. A $299 bill will be charged to place an advertisement over the website for 90 days. Moreover, the message will be delivered to more than 1,000,000 professionals within the network.

The focus of this source is somewhat wider and incorporates DevOps, copywriting as well as management opportunities alongside listing remote programmers. The pricing model is tagged at $299 per month instead of 90 days.